Jersey Tomatoes Veggie Original Oil Paiting Red Kitchen Decor


New Jersey Garden Tomatoes. Original oil painting on a canvas board by Volodymyr Slomushynsky. 11"×14". Signature is on the back of the painting. Artwork is framed. Free shipping by USPS.

It was a hot sunny summer day. I was walking alone in my garden. My eyes couldn't help but get pulled towards a bright glimmering, ruby red object. At a closer glance, it appeared to be a freshly ripe tomato that had just fallen off of its branch. I realized that I couldn't miss out on such a great opportunity. I sat down, and picked only some of the finest tomatoes. I gave them a luxurious clean in my kitchen sink. Then I did what brings me the most of joy, I sat down, picked up my paintbrush, and then I painted it.

About the artist...

My name is Volodymyr Slomushynsky. I paint because painting brings me happiness. It is a very relaxing experience for me and it is very rewarding. I started painting from my early childhood and I wanted to put everything I saw on the canvas. My childhood hobby would later push me to take more serious art classes. I would paint for myself, but now I feel the need to share my art with others. I paint in many different themes and styles. I paint birds and landscapes, as well as fruits and other paintings. My paintings have found their place with many different buyers. My works are also a great gift for many different occasions, such as birthdays and holidays. At this time, I paint in many different paints, like watercolor and oil. I am very happy that I can do what I am passionate about. Be sure to enjoy looking around my shop!
Sincerely, Volodymyr Slomushynsky

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